Paws from paradise

St. Croix's only animal air transport program.   We are flying over 30 dogs and cats per month to our 52 adoption partners on the mainland.   Many more pets are awaiting to participate in this life-saving program.

Fly to the mainland with an animal.  It's easy, we'll take care of all the paperwork and logistics.



Did you know that the AWC already provides at their shelter inexpensive spay and neutering?  

We really need your help in re-launching the mobile unit that brings spay and neutering to the community.



Think of it as AirBnB for abandoned animals.  Volunteers provide socialization and a calm home before a permanent home can be found for that special animal.

Volunteer or help volunteers take care of more animals.

PAWS 101

We are putting together a dynamic educational outreach program.  Together with our community we can provide education to teach our younger generation respect for all living things, big and small.

Join us if you are a motivated educators or an effective communicator.

paws sanctuary

As of now animals that cannot be adopted, fostered or airlifted to the mainland will be euthanized. Despite our best efforts Healing Paws programs may not be sufficient to take care of all abandoned animals on the island.

If other "Paws" programs fully succeed then there is no need for a no-kill shelter.  In the meanwhile we owe it to the animals to continue planning for a  last-resort shelter.  The heart-breaking reality is that we are dealing with record numbers 

Healing Paws is seeking to develop long term funding, above and beyond the other programs to fund a no-kill sanctuary here on St. Croix.


We must dedicate ourselves to providing a safe haven for dogs and cats who have found themselves homeless or without physical and emotional care and support.
— Terry Chretien, Healing Paws Founder

The healing paws story

Healing Paws is a 3 year old registered tax exempt nonprofit 501(c)(3) with a valid certification of good standing from the Lieutenant Governor of the United States Virgin Islands.

The job of saving our island's helpless creatures is larger then the ability of any one person, so we came together we can do so much more to get the problems of overpopulation, abuse, neglect and abandonment at least partially mitigated.

Our Board of Directors includes highly motivated individuals contributing their rich background and giving their heart and soul to save lives.

We are working closely with the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center, local veterinarians, foster parents, trainers and volunteers to help the St. Croix community understand the importance of proper animal care, especially spay and neutering.



Why we do what we do



Please donate, volunteer, share your contacts, pass the word.  Every little bit helps.  

P.O. Box 24704, Christiansted, VI 00824                                               Email:     
New number:  657-999-paws (7297)                Skype: Healing Paws