Paws control

It's not just rabbits who multiply like rabbits

Overpopulation is a cruel reality.   The St. Croix Animal Welfare Center has no other choice but to eventually euthanize all animals that cannot be adopted, fostered or with a ticket to the mainland.   "Fixing" them provides the long-term ability to control our animals.  Unchecked reproduction leads to unwanted offsprings.

Neutering helps animals live a happier, healthier and longer life.  For females it eliminates the constant crying and nervous pacing associated with heat cycles -- not mentioning the messiness.   For Males  it will stop urine marking, humping, aggression and trying to escape.  For both it will reduce the risk of tumors and infections. Plus neutered pets get along much better than hormone-fueled pets.   Think High School without the drama.

The AWC and many vets on the islands do an amazing job at spaying/neutering animals brought to them at a very low cost.
Click here to learn more about their program either as an owner of a pet or as a potential donor.