Paws fostering

Think of it as AirBnB for animals.  Before flying to the states animals need socialization and a calm home to recover from the stress of being abandoned and living on the street.  They also need time to transition from their stay at the shelter to a one-on-one human relationship.

We need volunteers willing to foster animals that are already scheduled to fly.   Short term fostering can be from only one night or up to two weeks.  Since the Paws from Paradise program now flies over 40 cats and dogs a month, fostering is always short-term.   And should there be any issue with the flight (weather, traveler, etc.), they will go on the next flight out. 

In other words, it is short term rather than indefinite period.   Volunteers on St. Croix give their heart and soul to help those animals.   

Please contact us if you are interested.  Animals won't give you "star" reviews, but they'll change your life just as you are changing theirs.  


It not only takes time, it is expensive to feed and care for a dog or cat.  We need funds to help defray the costs incurred by generous foster "mums and dads".   Please donate what you can, money is easier than food or toys as it allows us to distribute according to the needs of the foster parents.